Remodeling Announcement

I am sorry to say that PAN is slowly winding down. I am onto something new: Wilde Girl’s Journal. I will mention that more later, but lemme tell you— we will be remodeling the PAN Website to make it a little more up-to-date with my stories and interests. There will be new stories, life tips, my top ten, DIY Vids, WSS (Wilderness Survival Skills) Vids, and more new things.

I will also be starting a WRONGNESS competition which ends on Theo’s 9th Birthday— August 7th. Me and some friends will read the entries on August 8th, and choose a winner— who will be noted in the comments and given a special surprise prize (say ‘DAT three times fast:) )!


P.S. If you’re stuck on wrongness jokes, here are some key words to get you’re THING off the ground:

Thing, Ball, Stuff, Inside, Into, Look (Check-out works even better!)

How to taste something you don’t actually have

Step one: clear out all other tastes out of your mouth, by drinking ice cold water or melting an ice cube in your mouth. ???

Step two: concentrate. Consider thinking of a time when you ate that food before. What did it taste like? Smell like? Feel like? Look like? Picture the crunching or squeaking you made while chewing it. Also consider the smell trick, below.                                       ?????????

Step three: the smell trick. Smell is taste! Clap your hands, which hurts most? Continue with that one. Squeeze your fingers, which hurts most, put that one down. Squeeze again, which hurts least? That one down. Tickle your fingers, which one tickles most? Throw that away. Choose one, put it down. Now rub and blow your finger while thinking of your smell.

hope this helped!



Happy PANNIVERSARY!???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????☘????????☘????????????????????????????????????⭐️??✨?☄?☀️☁️??⛅️⛈?⚡️??❄️??☃?⛄️☂?☔️????

#1: “Want to be like a dog? Try this:”

1. Have someone slap both of your hands, or for DIY, clap your hands medium-hard.

2. Squeeze all of your fingers, which hurts most? Put that finger down.

3. Repeat step two, but now put down the finger that hurts least down.

4. Tickle the three fingers left, which tickles most? Put that finger down.

5. Put the finger of your choice down.

6. Close your eyes, think of a smell you really like, rub and blow your finger, think of what that smells like, not it, itself but it’s smell, do these things for about thirty seconds.

7. Open your eyes, and smell your finger— does it smell like the one you picked? We bet it does!

*Brought to you by PAN FAN, Hannah Jane Luger?

#2 Anniversary video!


Sorry, PAN is SO? busy with anniversary stuff, so we can’t do weekday videos this week, THERE WILL BE AN ANNIVERSARY POST THOUGH. Sorry about the videos, I’ll try next week!


the pan crew?

Wellness Wednesday

PAN cannot do any weekday vids until next week! So sorry! I’ll make it up 2 u with this—

Titi, Alan, Laff, Zoe Tuesday!

Sorry, Titi, and Zoe have colds, Alan is VERY busy because he was absent the past few days, and Laff is one who is stage fright, and doesn’t want to do the video with just me, he wants his siblings. But they all said hello, and I say come back tomorrow for an awesome Wellness Wednesday, and then a Thursday with Theo marking the week old anniversary of getting back to weekday videos! Speaking of anniversary, I’ll think about where we meet on PANNIVERSARY.


The PAN crew- Ava (Lemonpowder Yummifood)