How To Live Life To It’s Fullest

Let’s be real. You’re probably in your pajamas, watching Netflix, snapping your BFF, eating that delicious triple chocolate ice cream with fruit loops and cheetos. You’re probably surfing Instagram, looking at YouTuber travel videos, wondering— “Why can’t I just live a fun life like all those people on YouTube?”— But fear not, my lazy friend! This article is for you!

Step 1: Get Healthy!

First things’ first. Getting healthy is the most important step when wanting to live life to the fullest… now you don’t have to be that one girl who sit’s in front of you who’s seventy pounds underweight, cause YES, SIREE- that is a form of unhealthiness, too! Just be whatever and whoever you need to be to be happy 🙂 I personally like charts like this one below to manage all different kinds of health:


Step Two: Figure Out WHO EXACTLY do you WANT TO be?

Here’s a helpful question to ask yourself: where do you want to be in the next year? Do you want to have a bigger and better social life? Do you want to discover mindfulness? Do you want to take up basketball? Or maybe try out that new recipe that has been all over Pinterest? Figure out WHO YOU WANT TO BE, and THEN plan out HOW you can accomplish that.


Step Three: Actually Do It.

What do you love doing most? Is it dancing? Is it traveling? Is it cooking? Whatever it is, let IT do the talking for YOU. Don’t do the talking for IT. You’ll be pleasently surprised how much you’ll start seeking out (and finding) people who also love that hobby, start smiling more and frowning less, and overall- just become the YOU that YOU‘ve always wanted to be.


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LUL (love u lots),