Blogmas Day 1! YAY!

Hey everyone! It’s currently 7:51, just woke up like ten minutes ago, so LET ME EXPLAIN THE BLOGMAS DILLEMA.

I tried vlogging, but it’s just too hard for me! So I am doing a twist on vlogmas (hey dat rhymes), and doing BLOGMAS! Ok, but Ava it’s December fourth and just now your saying it is day one. Sorry guys, I’m a little late, but to make up for it blogmas is gonna be until the 31st!

You may still see videos tangled up with the writing… cuz I’m just THAT extra… I’ll update y’all soon!

8:49: Heading off to school… just thought I’d do a quick OOTD!

Sweater from: Target

Pants from: H&M

Hair down


9:13- Haha… so sorry guys forgot to blog!!!!! Anyhoo… I’ll see you with another post tomorrow!!! Hope you had a nice Monday… and just a reminder to my friends in the area… TOMORROW IS CHORUS… DONT FORGET YOUR FOLDERS!

ok… luv u… bye ❤️😝🐶

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