Remodeling Announcement

I am sorry to say that PAN is slowly winding down. I am onto something new: Wilde Girl’s Journal. I will mention that more later, but lemme tell you— we will be remodeling the PAN Website to make it a little more up-to-date with my stories and interests. There will be new stories, life tips, my top ten, DIY Vids, WSS (Wilderness Survival Skills) Vids, and more new things.

I will also be starting a WRONGNESS competition which ends on Theo’s 9th Birthday— August 7th. Me and some friends will read the entries on August 8th, and choose a winner— who will be noted in the comments and given a special surprise prize (say ‘DAT three times fast:) )!


P.S. If you’re stuck on wrongness jokes, here are some key words to get you’re THING off the ground:

Thing, Ball, Stuff, Inside, Into, Look (Check-out works even better!)