How to taste something you don’t actually have

Step one: clear out all other tastes out of your mouth, by drinking ice cold water or melting an ice cube in your mouth. ???

Step two: concentrate. Consider thinking of a time when you ate that food before. What did it taste like? Smell like? Feel like? Look like? Picture the crunching or squeaking you made while chewing it. Also consider the smell trick, below.                                       ?????????

Step three: the smell trick. Smell is taste! Clap your hands, which hurts most? Continue with that one. Squeeze your fingers, which hurts most, put that one down. Squeeze again, which hurts least? That one down. Tickle your fingers, which one tickles most? Throw that away. Choose one, put it down. Now rub and blow your finger while thinking of your smell.

hope this helped!