Greetings PAN FANS! I have AMAZING NEWS!

One, there are two new PAN FANS, titled in our dog names (look below): So, they smell like- Smokey, Sugarcookie. So CONGRATS U 2!

Two, we have come up with animal names! Ever wonder how dogs keep track of their friends? Like yours might be, Sam, Tommy, Billy and Bob? We have (and by we, I mean me, and PAN FAN Izzy) come up with a theory (not certain) that dogs and other animals come up with names, based on how they smell. Like if you smelled like pizza, and cookies, your name would be Pizzacookie. One more example, if you smelled like pumpkins, and roses, your name would be Pumpkinrose. I smell like lemons, and powdered sugar, so my name would be Lemonpowder, which it is. Last names are based on what your family smells like. If your dad smells like blueberries, your mom smells like strawberries, your sibling and you smell like blackberries, your last name would obviously be Berry. But sometimes it’s not as simple. For example, my dad’s name is Cocoadeadskin, my mom Bittersour, Theo Shampoosour, and me Lemonpowder. How does this work? First focus on the first part of their names. For us, we would do Cocoa, Bitter, Shampoo, and Lemon. Cocoa, Bitter, and Lemon are all flavors of food. But Shampoo doesn’t match. We’ll get back to that later, now, let’s focus on the last part: Deadskin, Sour, Sour, and Powder. Nothing in common. BUT isn’t sour, Theo’s sour, a food flavor? Yes it is! That connects with the first parts of everyone else’s names! And in most people’s opinions, chocolate, bitter, and sour are tasty flavors, or at least in my opinion 🙂 So, I title my last name— Yummifood (you can change it up a bit)!!! Try this strategy with your family :)!!!

Three, TWO new stories have been started! One, September 22, 2016, titled: “The Letters of the Haysons”! About a horse named Roger, the bully featured in “Tin Tales: A Spectacular September” and everyone in his family, writing to his dad, who has been sent out to cavalry—COMING SOON!!!!! The other one, started September 30, 2016, is titled: “The Nocturnals: Volume 1: Happily Haunted”! About six nocturnal animal friends who find out they are HAUNTED!!!!!!! (sorry I can’t do emojis, I’m typing this on my computer 🙁 !)

Four, if you are in fourth grade, THE KENNEDY CENTER FIELD TRIP IS ON PANIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BBE, best birthday ever!!! PAN is turning two, can you believe it? Already alive and moving for two years! I will be sure to make a post about it—AND— upcoming Halloween! What are you going to be? Please let me know in the comments! I am being two sled dogs, check in soon for a pic! Also, my dad is the sled driver, mom’s sled driver’s wife, and Theo is a sled dog, too! Oh, Halloween joke— tell this too your friends—

AVA: What was I for Halloween when I was zero?

EMILY: I’m stumped.

AVA: A baby!


AND MORE NEWS—I’m getting back to weekday vids!!!!!!!!! Starting tomorrow, In my living room, A THURSDAY WITH THEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your four-day-weekend soon, and enjoy a Thursday with Theo! I’ll check back in tomorrow!

Very sincerely,

The PAN Crew

P.S. Oh! If you are in fourth grade, please tell me your specials schedule in the comments, then we’ll mix and match. Mine is: MON: PE, TUES: ART- EHLERS, WED: MUSIC, THURS: PE, FRI: MUSIC (I didn’t do strings, boo, hoo, hoo, 🙁 !!!)

Very sincerely once again,

OH! P.S. (just kidding)

The PAN Crew 😉