National Dog Day

I am going to Yellowstone National Park during real National Dog Day, so I just thought, why not do it now! We’ll start with a dog breed link, then show the top three dog breeds of the year, then top three cross breeds, then a rescue video, then a good old homemade video. Have fun! (Also, for extra fun go to this link,      FYI This dog breed is in the 25 most unpopular dog breeds in the world, which is a surprise, because it is extremely adorable, and quick summary for those who don’t have the time to read the whole page. Max weight: 24 lbs, Max height: 11 inches, Average life span: 12 years, and finally Average Puppy Price: $1,400. And for those with extra time, feel free to read the entire article.

Next on our agenda, we have the top three purebred dog breeds of the year. Please note that this is not my opinion, but it is the facts, comment below if you disagree with these (but it will not change all of America’s opinion?).

#3: Golden Retrievers (I do agree about this, and also, I am one! According to this quiz: (error, cannot find the exact quiz I took, but here are a couple) The big beautiful golden dog with an ability to retrieve anything. Find out more here:

#2: German Shepherds (I like them, but don’t believe they are number two.)  The strong, spotted German dog able to sniff out anything. Find out more here:

And the grand—number one!

The Labrador Retriever, Theo is a quarter Labrador. (I don’t agree with Lab being number one, but I’d say maybe in the top ten) A beautiful breed able to retrieve well, like the golden retriever. Find out more here:

And that’s it for purebreds!

Next, crossbreeds! (For more fun, look up Siberpoo, IT IS ADORABLE?).

#3: Labradoodle (I think it’s number one, but good enough) The curly Labrador and Poodle mix is a good playmate and family dog that can come in many colors. Find out more here:

#2: The Maltipoo! This cross between a Maltese and a Poodle is a curly cutie which is friendly, affectionate, and energetic dog good for families. Find out more here:

And the fantastic number one!

The Cockapoo! This friendly cocker spaniel poodle mix is a beloved curly pup suitable for families with it’s cute, loving personality. Find out more here:

Our celebration is about halfway over, so let’s make the most out of the rest of it. Next, we have the greatest rescue video of the year!

And, so sorry, I thought I’d be done by the time we went on vacation, but I didn’t, so now it is around national dog day. Theo’s not here with us, so clearly a homemade video would not be the same. So you have to wait around five days, check back for a video next Wednesday! Best wishes, tell your pets I said hello, and a very happy national dog day to you all, also 100th anniversary of Yellowstone national park where am, so, yeah, a very very happy national dog day to you all!

Happy National Dog Day?

The PAN Crew