PAN VOTE!!!!!!!!!!

Our candidates, Daniel, Emily and Isabelle, are running for PAN vice president. Who ever gets the second place number of votes gets to be secretary, and the third place number of votes person gets treasurer. Daniel, Emily and Isabelle should give out pens,  make posters, and anything else. The vote will be at recess on September 21, and you will write on a sticky note who you want, and put it in a box. The votes will be counted by October 1. Any PAN Fan can vote.


Happy Birthday to Two PAN Fans, And New Story Finished!

http://who’s awesome you’re awesome puppy

Please, oooh PLEASE look at that link. It is aaaaaaaaaadddooooooraabllllee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, I know I missed a few birthdays, so if I missed yours, happy birthday to yooouuu…

Yesterday, May 31st, 2016 I finished my last story: What is Theo’s Day Like? I’ll summarize it, don’t worry:

Theo goes on wild adventures with his buddies, and  uncovers to you secret discoveries of his owner, Ava! The end will make you cry, the middle will make you laugh, and the beginning make you wonder… what is Theo’s day like?

Anyway, get right to the point: YOU CAN SEE THIS STORY SOON: COMING UP ON THE PAN WEBSITE BY JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, TWO PAN birthdays are today: PAN Leader’s (my) Mother, so happy day to her, and Toto’s birthday, so happy birthday to him. A little bit later today, I will post a picture (or video) of Toto in a birthday hat, and the PAN news is that. So check soon!