The Truth Behind Alaramia’s Breed

From research about cat breeds with spots and/or stripes of rainbow colors has led to more knowledge about Alaramia’s mysterious breed.

Alaramia has been keeping this theory about her breed ever since she was born, and found that this time was a good time to tell. Alara says that “The breed and culture I come from is based opun how I act and look. So if you are thinking that green spots on a pink body is combined to be a Greepink cat, your are the most of wrong wrong can get.”

She won’t tell us what she means, but, we think she means… her kind behaviors and her colorful body shape up a Kinful cat breed, rather than just looking at her colorful body.

Another theory is (about the Kinful cat breed) is that she LACKS kindness, and is in disguise (is truly brown/black/etc. colors, but paints or wears a costume for disguise).

PAN believes that the Kinful cat breed could exist, but not truly. Who knows? If you want to learn more, stick around on the PAN website.

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