What PAN is up to today

PAN has a lot going on today. A meeting, Theo’s haircut, a new PAN shirt made, and a brand new pet comedy book! Learn about them in these next videos.

First… let’s look back in time to an old video…

Ava goes crazy!

Interview with Theo about his haircut!

Ava reads aloud a funny comedy pet book!


Check-in/COMMENT!!!/How old is your dog?

Part 1: Check-in

Survey check-in.

  1. What did you do yesterday?
  2. Do you feel awful?

3.  Doesyourdoghaveafluffytailandabigbail?

Did question 3 confuse you? If you didn’t catch it, stay tuned— the answer is in my comment…

Part 2: COMMENT!!!

I will not control myself if you don’t comment soon! I’m doing all these crazy posts to make you comment! Comment! COMMENT! COMMENT! COMMENT! COMMENT! COMMENT!

Part 3: How old is your dog?

Ever wonder how old your dog is in dog years? Well, if you visit this link, type in your dog’s human year age and breed, you can find out. (Don’t do age 20 and Great Dane— It. Won’t. Work.)

How old is your dog?

If you want to know Theo’s age, look in the comments, or go to the link, search age 7, medium mixed breed… and you will find out…

What dog breed are you? Quiz, Regular link, and PAN version

See what dog breed you are on this link!

PAN has a version, too!

1 What do you do at recess?

A: Sports on the field

B: Sports on the blacktop

C: Playground fun

D: Field fun

2 What is most important quality for a dog to have?

A: To run around, have fun, and not worry about being dirty

B: To run around, have fun, and worry about being dirty

C: To have fun, and be hungry

D: To have fun, run around, and get wet

3 It is Monday morning, what do you do?

A: I’ll get a little dirty before school!

B: I’m just going to do a couple laps around my hallway.

C: I’m having a party, with a breakfast feast!

D: I’ll use the hose for my garden work, so I can get wet, too!








If you answered mostly As, then you are problably a… SMALL DOG OR MIX!

If you answered mostly Bs, then you are problably a… POODLE OR SHOW DOG!

If you answered mostly Cs, then you are problably a… BULLDOG!

If you answered mostly Ds, then you are problably a… WATER DOG!


OK. This is your final chance…


Check-in survey, for those who want a lot of questions to answer.

  1. What are you doing during spring break?


2. Did you get any new pets?


3. Are you going to be in the first PAN movie?


4. Did I see you at recess, today, 3/10/16?


5. If I didn’t see you at recess, where do you think I was?


6. When was the last time you saw Theo?