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If I got paid 10$ for every PAN thing I did, I’d probably have about 10,000$. But, since I don’t, comments are like dollars to me. So, if I got 10 comments for every PAN post, I’d have at least 1,000 comments. Pretty soon, 1 comment will represent 1$ donated towards an animal rescue team. So, comment. Now, I have the best reason why to.

Anyway, I said a Check-In! Just read this letter:

Dear PAN fans,

Did you have a nice Easter? Sorry I didn’t post my Easter post yet. It’s coming. Not much more to say. This week, it is possible that PAN will go to a conference in Brookland. We’ll be busy every second, so Weekday Videos are temporarily cancelled. Nothing more to say, just happy Easter, and sorry about the Weekday Videos.

Your trusty PAN leader,

Ava JP

How Did Titi, Alan, Laff, and Zoe get Their Names?— A long article about the PAN babies

Have you ever wondered how these puppies got their names? Well, in this article, you will find out. This article is made up of bits of Alaramia and Theo talking. Enjoy!

“Since today is April 18, 2015, let’s name the first one Titi. Well, my father’s fake name is Titi, and his father’s birthday was April 18, 1939!” “Sounds great!” replied Theo to Alaramia.

“Your turn to choose, Theo!” “OK… let’s see… how about Alan. Your name starts with ‘A’, and ‘La’ are the two beginning letters of my breed, Labradoodle. And, the closest boy name to Ala, is Alan.” “Complicated story.” replied Alaramia, “but, a good name.”

“I’ll choose!” said Alaramia, “Laff! Everyone loved to laugh! But, it’s not spelled L—A—U—G—H, like you think. Since my mother’s name was Felina, her favorite letter was ‘F’. So, we’ll replace the U—G—H, for two ‘F’s.” “Oh, Ok. I’m next!” Theo replied.

“The last one is a girl. Z is a unique letter. O no means danger. This dog will protect us from danger. The closest girl name to ‘Zo’, is Zoe.” “That’s a good name!” replied Alaramia.

“Titi, Alan, Laff, and Zoe.”