Monday Mole Hangout— Noted— CANCELLED

I apologize, all Nicky fans… PAN’s Monday Mole Hangout is cancelled for two reasons.

Firstly, PAN’s iPad is out of space, and on PAN’s iPhone, they are in the middle of making a secret documentary. So, they don’t want to have the separate videos combined with others.

Secondly, Nicky, the mole of PAN, is on the loose. I don’t mean running free out of his cage, I mean stealing money, and more important objects. So, clearly, PAN cannot allow him doing videos.

I am so sorry about these mistakes. Nicky may have to be fired from PAN. Maybe, we could change this weekday video into… My Best Monday With PAN… or… Monday, With Me!— PAN!… I don’t know. If you have any rhymes, or M words to go with Monday, please comment.

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