Back-up on PAN Show

The PAN show, I’m sorry, has been permanently cancelled. Sorry all Show fans. Just wanted to let all know, I need to get back to this movie! Alaramia, get here!

PAN School!

PAN school!

PAN Elementary!

PAN Middle School!

PAN High School!

The Elementary has absolutly NO litter! It is also shaped like Theo, the mouth is where the kids enter, and the rear end is where the kids exit! The paws are cafeterias, the body are classrooms, the head is the office, and the tail is where the specials are held. After school, they have clubs. Art, filming, writing, farming, animals, anything you want! These PAN clubs are held inside the gym room, and meet at 3:00! Feel welcome to sign up for PAN school, and no worries about mean teachers, because YOU control the teachers. Know why? It’s in your imagination. 😉

The middle school is shaped like Alaramia. It is exactly like the elementary, otherwise.

The high school is shaped like Tin. Like the middle school, it’s also like the elementary.


Bust the litter!— PAN’s innovation fair project!

Greetings, all PAN FANS!

Me and Isabelle are meeting at my house for the innovation fair, and just wanted to tell you, it is going GREAT!!!!!!!!! We will take turns writing sentences about our project, and choosing colors for each new sentence! “Get on with it, already!” “OK! OK!”

We finally chose our team name!!!!! We had trouble choosing the names. We had to choose between the names— PANovators, PANstormers, Team Nature!, LITTERBUSTERS!, Litter stoppers, LLTC, or LL trash, or Littering Lottery trash can, Innovation Nation, I love dogs! (Eye heart paws). 

We are solving the littering problem in this world. We did a few things, and then cuddled Theo. 

Have a great night all fans!

PAN Show Episode Four

Ooooooh! I’m getting back on track with puppets! Have I posted episode four yet? Well, even if I did, please enjoy this episode!

Weekday Videos CANCELLED, New Video Idea Rolling In!

I apologize, all weekday videos are cancelled, now. I just can’t clear up all PAN’s iPad photos/videos. Though, once I manage to clear it all up, we will do weekday videos again! Also, there is a new video we can do, if I clear PAN’s iPad. Monthy Videos! Starting from now, there will be a Jammin’ January, a Funny February, a March with (new) Moles (the march video will see if we can hire a new mole… to replace Nicky), Animal April… and others. I am so sorry about the mess-up. Especially when I’ve made a commitment to keep back on track with the weekday videos… Theo is doing good…