PAN Show

PAN HAS MADE A TV SHOW! I’M SO PROUD! Here is episode, one, and two.

PAN Election, PAN Vice President!

Are you on side work or side play? Are you with Alaramia, or Tin? Find out a little more, by scrolling down.



Who’s side? Have you figured out yet?

Some Fun Things To Do With Your Dog

I wrote— and am still writing— a book about activities with your dog! Sorry I haven’t been posting lately, a lot has been going on. With Alaramia, and Tin running for PAN president, and Nicky on the loose, and Riley’s broken fin, and the newspapers, I got all that stuff from… so sorry I haven’t been posting.

OK. I’m also taking an interview on how I write all the time. So, just a check-in.image

Friday Funday

Have some fun with a PAN dance party, +PAN in the dark!

Sorry bout the light.