Thanksgiving With PAN

Hello! PAN is ready for thanksgiving, so I have a video, and some pictures for u! Enjoy!?????????????



Enjoy your thanksgiving PAN FANS! ??????????????? (see the video on YouTube, too! Go to YouTube, then search avajunepowers, and you will find my videos!)


Check up, love Pan.

Oh. Hey, holidays are coming up, and I haven’t posted in at while. “So, I will began with telling you about a surprise for the upcoming holidays. Thanksgiv—” “Did someone say surprise?” “No, no.” “Tell me, tell me!” “If I told you, it wouldn’t be a surprise.” “PLEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAASE.” “Snap out of it!”. . . . . . . . . . Anyway. I don’t really know what to say. I’m falling behind on posts! I have a concert from October 29th! I’ve kinda gone nuts! Oh. I know you saw the words “check up” . What I mean is basically— “If you have any problems, tell me.” Bye bye! Alaramia is waiting!

Ramona Quimby Age 15

Gathering all Beverly Cleary fans! Since Beverly Cleary didn’t (no offense Beverly Cleary) probably won’t write a Ramona Quimby Age 15, so I did it! I am not quite done yet, but I’ll tell you when I am done.

Have a nice Night,


PS. Tonight I’m a true author…

Ally’s Life Story

Hi! I know you don’t hear from me very much, but, I am Ally, just call me Mrs. A. Here is my life story.

I was born in a tree on June 24 at 2:33 PM in Brazil. I realized that I had a bro named Joe, a sis named Kiss, and a mom. Where was my dad? Out getting sap. That was what. He came home with a bag of sap.

The next day, my dad had to go to a conference. So, it was just me, mom, Kiss, and Joe. Then, Joe finally spoke up, and asked a question that I was gonna ask. “Mother, what does Pop have to go places?” “Well,” said mom “it is how we get our food, and water. He gets seeds from it. We pay with the seeds, which we pay for ten seeds, surviving, five seeds free, then tap your sap rolls on your knee!” by a year, I had at least ten of her chants in my head, the last one, and here are the nine others:

Birds, birds, flying birds, they can’t hurt you! Come on and watch! We’re watching you, too!

Squirrels. I like squirrels! Let’s play, try and feed them sap, nuts and, bark- THEY, have the same diet as ours!

Money, money. Dad earns that. He doesn’t steel it, he doesn’t peel it. He earns it, and someday you will, too!

What we like, we can watch, it may not exist, it’s in a notch. Maybe it’s just in your head, or in your bed, or with Ned, what we like may not be true. But, when we find a figure in our shoe…

Trees. We need trees. Welovethem. Takecareofthem. Lovethem…

W indy wild. We need wind.

I n the bright summer hollows of our kind, we rest to see it will be fine.

N ice, nice. Nature is nice.

D andy handy. Handy dandy. A tree frog sings for peace and glory.

Y ou there! Do you controll the wind? If you do, thank you!


W ow! That sky, the wind! Let ME try!

I n life, we need other life.

L ay here in the snowy glair. Why I go off? To see a hare.

D o-Ray-Win-Dy, three cheers for wind!


Anyway, done with the poems. When I was two, my father got fired from the hunting republic. We were poor. No food. No water. No sap. So, mom filled in for him. But then, when I was three, there was another problem. Hunters invaded our land. They hunted for wolves, foxes, chipmunks, and other animals, including… Lemur. Then, they attacked our family. Luckily, mom remembered the skills for attacks. But dad couldn’t. When dad almost died mom rushed into the rescue. But, it was too late. Mom got hit by a bow and arrow, but was still alive. She lost her ability too walk. We cleared her out. Dad, got hit in the brain. This happened when Joe jumped forward and tried to get him. Too late. Joe died along with dad. The hunters finally left, but dad and Joe never came back. When I was eight, I started Lemur Education at Lue Johnson Center School of the Savanna. It was pretty cool! I got to learn how to hunt, read, write, draw! I also learned, some new words, songs, and techniques! My family couldn’t afford school when I was six, when most Lemurs start school. So, I just stayed home, did some chores and played. School is lots of fun! Here is one of my rewards!


When I was twelve, I graduated. I started Lemur Middle Education at, Sir Hilpix Sally Operania Middle Lemur Education Center. Also known as… SHSOMLEC. Long name, huh? now, let’s get to the point. I learned only one thing, to sneak, grab, then bite when hunting. I thought you, grabbed, teased, and swallowed your prey hole. When I was 14, my dad revived. I was startled! In the middle of the night, I heard a voice say… “Hello, my darling, Ally. I have come back!” Also, when I was 14, I graduated, for the second time. High school was scarier.

Just think of what could happen! A bunch of 14, 15, 16, and 17 year old lemurs was much scarier than a bunch of 12, and 13 lemurs. I was in Dilly Fill High Lemur Education. Also known as DFHLE. When I was 16 I drove a silver Lagani Labradore. I begged my parents to let me go to the college, Pan University For All Creatures, AKA PUFAC. I got writing, and music degrees.

I bought a house for 385,000$ it was pretty nice. I bought that house when I was 23. My first job started when I was 22. It was a manager at a supermarket called Foo’s Foods. I worked their for two years. Then, I switched to being a famous PAN Poison maker. I made my own brand of Mineral, Water, and Sand PAN Poison. I did that for a year, then when I was 25 1/2, I got started on my meetings at the PAN studios. Now, I am 26, and have a full-time job at the PAN Studios.

Your Lemur,


Spa Day at PAN!

Today, the girl main PAN characters (Alaramia, Ava, Lilyana, Sparkle Magic, Ally) and I are at a PAN spa! I took some pictures with my PANphone! Here they are!



It was so much fun!

I hope you had fun on your four day weekend!



Nov. 1–7: Theme of the Week

Hello! Curious for this week’s theme and character? Well, here they are!



Would you like to participate in the, “Keep Your Secret All Week” event in PAN? You must keep your secret all week, then tell on Friday. Do you have a good memory? Well, this event is a perfect way to test it! Hope you can make it!


Day of the Dead with PAN

I was reminded that today was the Day of the Dead, and that inspired me to show you the PAN characters’ ancestors for a PAN celebration… but, I don’t have all the pictures ready yet! So, I just thought I would give you a sneak peek of some of Alaramia’s parents, grandparents, and great grandparents!