Howlaween is here!

Howlaween is finally here! I am a bunch of different animals (elephant, wolf, giraffe, and lemur) all in one! I am so excited! And speaking of costumes, wanna see the main PAN characters’ costumes? Well, here they are! Can you recognize them?

image image image image image image

Here is the solution to who is who:


Pilly Migil—clown





Have a great Howlaween!

the PAN characters, Ava

25—31 Theme+Character of the Week!

Hello! Just finished dinner with the PAN Characters, and I’d like to post the theme of the week and the character of the week!




P.S. I get to read to Mrs. Stewart’s class! There is a PAN FAN in her class!


Happy birthday, Pannie Annie Anne! And to you, too PAN! Did you know that today at 10:00 it will be exactly a year that I hired Theo + Started PAN! I am starting the day with delicious PANcakes!

Here are the reactions of the seven main characters when they woke up:

Ally  Excitement

Theo  Nervous for speech

Alaramia  Happy

Riley  Nervous

Lilyanna  Happy

Tin  Nervous for speech

Four Twins  Excitement


PAN HAS A NEW THING! A THEME OF THE WEEK, AND A CHARACTER OF THE WEEK! This week’s theme is PANNIVERSARY, and the character is Theo! Have a nice PANNAVERSARY!


PAN Registration!

In six days it will be the PAN ANNIVERSARY! Regisrate here:

Wanna hear PAN album?

Yes              No

Wanna come to the anniversary party?

Yes              No


Remamber, registrate! The registrations are due by seventeenth! That’s in three days!



Animal Story: African Elephants

Hello! I just finished the second Animal Story about African Elephants today! The lesson in this one is friendship, that is something we PAN FANS NEED. Remember, registrations due seventeenth, change of plans, meet on the field.