Animal Story: Lions

Hello! The first animal story about Lions is done! Woo! Hoo! PAN anniversary in less than a month! So, I’ll give you this letter:


There is a celebration on Tuesday, October 20 at recess, by the swings.

Will you be able to RSVP?

Yours PANly,


Will you make it? Comment if you can!

Ally’s Lemur Report

When Alaramia said someone should write about their species, it gave me the idea for Ally to write more about lemurs, so we can find out more about them!

So, here is a picture of Ally doing her presentation, and use the links to find out what she used to research her report, and to read about a mouse lemur.

Evolution of Lemurs

How Long can we Live?

Where do we Live?

What do we Eat? Bonus: Type in “what do lemurs eat” for some of the cutest lemur photos!

How long are our tails? For adults it is about 3.4 feet long—now that’s some tail!


Back to School!

Are you guys excited for back to school? PAN sure is! Who’s your teacher? Mine is Mrs. Hovell (she used to be Ms. Duffy). There is going to be a new story called Animal Story if you haven’t heard yet. Not saying that PAN will end! Have you watched Animals United? (It’s actually a German movie…) The story will be like that. What animal should I do first? Elephant or Goldfish, I still can’t wait! Don’t forget to comment about what animal you want, because school is starting in less than a week and there’s still lots of PAN posts that need to be finished! And who’s your teacher? PAN is interested in finding out!

PAN Characters Take a Month Off!

Vacation! PAN Characters need a break. PAN Characters write about their trips!

First vacation, Ally!

Country: China

City: Shanghai and Hong Kong

Main Reason For Going: I went to get some of the world’s most famous PAN POISON. Yummy! And to visit relatives!

Description: I went to a circus called The PAN POISON FLOAT. Loved it. Although this is hard to believe, they let me go on a flying trapeze, in Hong Kong, and then there was an open bottle of PAN POISON so, my mouth dove right into the PAN POISON bottle, and I drank from it. Told you it’s hard to believe!




Next Vacation, Tin!

Country: Canada

City: Toronto

Main Reason For Going: Uh, none of you know the greatness of Toronto? MINERAL PAN POISON. Very rare, only make it in Canada. That’s the reason that I chose Toronto, anyways!

Description: Bought MINERAL PAN POISON at a famous place called PANNIE ANNIE ANTS, never had better MINERAL PAN POISON, I just had to get a six pack to bring back for the PAN group!



Next up, Lilyanna!

Country: Italy

City: Rome

Main Reason For Going: Ah, to get pasta, gelato, pizza, and CAT PAN POISON. Most delicious meal, EVER.

Description: I went to this restaurant where there was a handsome dog, turned out to be a snobby dog. Kind of a rip-off. Their food was good, though!


Next up, the most pretty (minerals) Alaramia!

Country: Russia

City: Moscow (mines)

Main Reason For Going: Mining. For minerals, lots of pretty ones out there!

Description: I tried to hit my mining tool, with my mouth and paws, whoa, that was a bad idea. My tooth fell out. I glued a rock with clay for a replacement, but that rock turned out to be that tooth. Weird things can happen out there!