Ally’s First Appearence in PAN

Hello! Ally is now in PAN having fun with her new friends, Alaramia, and Lilyanna, the cats of PAN. If you want to see a sneak peek of her appearence, go right ahead while me and Ally go eat breakfast. Here is her appearance all fresh and ready to read:

“How are you doing?” asked Schmill, “Great,” lied Riley, rolling his eyes. “What’s the matter” asked Theo, “Nothin” replied Riley, “I just want a new friend to talk to,” Riley’s mad face turned into a sad one with a sigh. “Well,” said Alaramia, “MEET YOUR NEW LEMUR FRIEND—ALLY!” Ally showed up speechless.

Curious? Here’s what happens!

“Hi! I’m Ally! A Lemur! I mean, hello, nice to meet, well, you guys. I’m Ally, a Lemur, a talkative one. I’m hungry!” Ally had finally stoped talking, and took the seat next to Lilyanna. She dug in to the fruit bowl. The bowl was empty in 26 seconds. “More fruit, please,” said Ally.

Find out what happens to her in the next chapter, me and Ally had finished breakfast, and we are interviewing her soon!






3 thoughts on “Ally’s First Appearence in PAN

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    1. Thank you for making ally the lemur travel to China I bet she had a awesome time and my mom traveled to Canada she sure had a great time there and I remember my family have family friends there when it was the year before I went to kindergarten we went to the Washington National Zoo and Washington D.C.

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