Vote for the Next PAN Character!

Dear PAN Fans,
One of the fun things I did in Florida was visit an aquarium. I thought one of these guys would make a great new PAN character—but, I can’t decide which one! I thought I would use your assistance! Here they are:

Ring Tailed Lemur

photo 3

Albino Opossum

photo 2

River Otter

photo 1

Leave your vote in your comment!

Here’s a picture of me touching boneless sea creatures. The water was so cold, but it’s actually warm for them. They felt kind of rubbery.

photo 5


We saw a lot of really cool fish and sea creatures, too many to take pictures of, but here’s a tricky question—can you tell which direction this fish is swimming?

photo 4


It is actually headed to the right in this picture. That black spot is designed to confuse its predators by looking like an eye! Pretty cool, huh?


24 thoughts on “Vote for the Next PAN Character!

  1. 1 vote for the Lemur! Thanks for voting and checking out the site, check back soon for more—and to find out who wins!

  2. It seems like the opossum could use some love, but for that I’ll just put on some George Jones and vote for the cute lemur anyway.

      1. How did you get that frown? Opossums are very cute! How could nobody vote for it? Guess I kind of know what I would pick if I’d known…

    1. Hi! Thank you for voting, Isabelle! 2 river otter, 4 lemur! Check again for more PAN fun! Let’s meet up in august!

  3. Voting is sadly over, but check on the recent posts to the left pink wall, and click the “Announcing the New PAN Character” to see the results! You can still name which animal is your favorite!

    1. Well… the vote is over! If you could only get it in quicker, or take back time… Ally woudn’t have even existed yet. Sorry, in the PAN buisness, we’ve already got stuff moving, but, maybe later in the book of PAN!

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