Theo’s Summer Cut

Theo has very long hair! When it’s 100 degrees for us, it must feel at least 10 degrees hotter in Theo world! What a hot summer, a shower won’t work, not a popsicle, so he needs a cut! Here he is before and after his haircut day! Which style do you like better? Tell me and Theo in the comments, (I like both)!


Now, let’s ask Theo what he thinks in this next video…

6 thoughts on “Theo’s Summer Cut

  1. I can’t decide!!!! I love the fluffy cuddly…but he looks like a cool canine now…love the cute new top ‘do…really let’s you see those big beautiful eyes!

    1. Of course he will! He is the main character! Thanks for checking the website, check back next week for a big surprise!

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