The Babies’ First Beach Trip

Remember Theo’s and Alaramia’s babies? Well, they are growing and out having adventures this summer!

One day, the babies wanted to go to the beach, so they went by bus and arrived the next hour…


“Wow, awesome!” said Titi while laying his towel down.

“I’m going in water!” Laff exclaimed, happily.

“Me, too!” said Zoe.


“Put sunscreen on first!” yelled Alan, but Zoe was already gone. “Well, if she wants to get a sunburn, I guess it’s not my problem,”

“Correct,” said Titi, happily, “now, sunscreen on back, please! At least Laff put sunscreen on—let’s GOOOOO!!!!!”

Now, Zoe is sad. Can you guess why? Sunburn…3

A great crab professor named Mr. Waves was checking her out under an umbrella—WHEN A GREAT BIG DOLPHIN JUMPED OUT OF THE SEA!4

“Hi,” said the dolphin, “I’m Lily Dolphin, feel free to call me Mrs. Lily!”

Waves rolled his eyes.

“Hi!” the babies said in unison.

“Come with me underwater— let me get you some gills, first.”

Lily was about to take off, when Titi asked, “What are gills?”

Lily stopped, “Gills are tools that sea creatures and fish use to breath underwater,” and then she sunk AND THEN JUMPED UP AGAIN! And sunk.

A little while later…she brought the gills, “Stick these on, and JUMP IN!” she said. The babies put them on and dived in!5

“Wow!” said the babies together, “cool!”6

“Now,” whispered Lily, “here’s the box of aloe! Ahhhhhhhhhh! Shaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrkkkkkkk!”


“We don’t know how to swim!” said the babies, with fear in their hearts!

“I’ve got the box of aloe plants, Waves! Get the children to seashell safety, hurry!” yelled Lily.

“Hop on!” said a faithful Waves!

“Zoe’s hurt!” said Alan, “and it’s all my fault.”

While Zoe was SO red, Alan was SO sad. “Look! Lily!” said Waves, with joy!

Lily was dropping the aloe down to Titi, and now, was going to fight the shark!

“Rub this on her, it’ll help!” exclaimed another faithful Waves. But then the shark ate Lily all up…


“Burp, burp burp burp!” as the shark burped, Lily got bigger, while he, the shark, got smaller!


“Rub,” said Lily. Everybody took a peace of the aloe and rubbed it on Zoe— Zoe was getting browner, and less red. Her sunburn was starting to cool down!



Now, it’s time to say good bye. “Good bye!” The babies said.

“Bye! Visit anytime!” Waves and Lily said happily, while also a bit sad.

Everybody was crying because they did not want to say good bye, til the babies got on the shore, and saw their parents…

What do you think the babies learned today? Did you ever forget what Zoe forgot?




And here is the comic version with all the pictures together!



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    1. Your welcome, I am sad I didn’t have the chance to make more of the stories over the summer, too many meetings+25 PAN Characters=less time😔

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