Announcing—The New PAN Character!

Hi, fans!

Remember the post, “Vote for the Next PAN Character”? Well, the vote is over now, and guess who won? Well now, I’ll give out the scores of each!

Albino Opossum: 0
River Otter: 2
Lemur: 4! Yes, Lemur won!

By the way, the Lemur is a girl, and her name is Ally—see a picture below!


Keep two eyes out for Ally’s appearance in PAN!



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      1. Remember, registrations are due by the 15th! It’ll be super fun!🐁🐭🐹🐰🐮🐯🐈🐴🐱🐤🐦🐣🐘🐺🐕🐪🐼🐨🐶🐩

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