My kayaking

Dear Fans,

My kayaking trip yesterday was amazing! We took a kayak to Caladesi Island. I saw very creepy crabs yesterday in this tree tunnel:

photo 2

There were tons and tons of them on the mangrove roots and branches. Me and my mom were to scared to get too close to get a picture of them. So I drew one:

photo 3

(Here I am on the kayak…)


But, today is June 22, and yooooooooooouuuuuuuuuu know what that means—my birthday is today!


Letter to PAN fans

If you’d like a check-in read below and see the check-in video here.

Dear PAN fans,

I hope you are having a great summer, enjoying your pets if you have one…are you in a new state? New country? Are you at Kings Dominion enjoying the rides? Or are you just at home partying with your family, or relaxing? I made it to Florida, enjoyed the beach for an hour—Oh! And I’m going to this cool kayaking place tomorrow, I’m kayaking to this cool beach—and I had this thought earlier, so you know the shells were you can hear the waves? Anyway, to me, they’re like telephones! I might get some tomorrow! Have a great summer!

Ava P.

Meet the PAN characters


The main 5 PAN characters are: Theo, Alaramia, Riley, Lilyanna, and Tin. Find out more about them below and read the PAN backstory here.

THEO is a black Labradoodle dog (a cross between a Labrador and a Poodle) who is the main character in PAN. He likes fun and has a wife named Alaramia. He has been friends with another mixed-breed dog named Tin, who both share some past memories with their school adventures. Theo is my dog who is a loving cutie pie. Theo is SOOOO cute!

ALARAMIA is a green cat with pink splotches and nobody actually knows her breed. She is Theo’s wife and fits in the fun and curious category, unlike other cats. Theo sometimes says that Alaramia isn’t a cat with her wants to be together. She also remains close friends with another cat named Lilyanna… I love Alaramia!

RILEY is a cute, little, wise, orange Gold Fish. He is not known to make friends and have fun, but sometimes he’ll try. I like the poetry I wrote about him going to the unfortunate. He is wise and rarely doesn’t know an answer! Riley is cool!

LILYANNA can get a little bossy sometimes, but most of the time… she’s the best friend and pet you would ever like! She loves playing with balls and eating cat treats—speaking of cats… she is a Brown Tabby, and same with Alaramia, one of Lilyanna’s closest friends, has a personality that wouldn’t be like a normal cat’s persona. Lilyanna is cute, cuddly and one of the cats in the sensitive group. Lilyanna tends to get a little serious when she gets injured, but that does not cause her to be a serious, boring cat!?!?! I really like Lilyanna!

TIN is a cross between a German Shepherd and a Labrador. He remains good friends with Theo and is a brown cutie pie! Tin shares some of the personalities that I mentioned earlier, like: fun, curious, wise, and friendly…  Anyway, Tin is very cute and loves to cuddle! Tin is so awesome!

Summary of PAN (so far)

Here’s what happened, if you want to read text only, or check out the flip book of the original PAN notebook here.

My parents told me to drop off my dog, Theo. I was scared, but still confident. When we left, Theo heard a surprising “Good day!”

That “Good day!” was from a pink and green cat named Alaramia. Theo was so scared that he bumped into a fish tank. “Are you scared?” said Alaramia, “I want to be friends.”

A little while later, Theo ran into a fish named Riley, but doesn’t say much. It was now 11:55 pm. He got some food from a mole name Nicky and found a place by some cat litter to eat his midnight snack. But right before Theo could take a bite of his bone, he heard someone ask him a question…

“Can we go to the middle school dance?” asked a brown cat named Lilyanna. “Can I see the cat litter first?” Theo asked. (This is a bin of clean cat litter, Theo was curious and wanted to learn more about cats.)

Lilyanna then handed him a letter, it said:


We have to go to middle school, now!



PS you a cat?

“Fine,” Theo replied, “and I’m not a cat!”

“Then what are you?” asked Lilyanna…

“I’M A DOG!!!!! Can’t you tell?” Theo replied.

“Not really—”


“Well, we can’t really get out,” exclaimed Lilyanna.

“Oh yeah? Well I’ve got a plan and I can do it by myself!” said, ALARAMIA! “All I have to do is rip a piece of paper, put it in the keyhole and it’ll open! Easy peasy catabreezy!”

Theo was confused. “So, you’re supposed to get a paper, rip it, put it in the hole, and you’re saying that’s easy?!?!”

“I did it before ya know. Works like a charm!”

“Well if you say it works, I guess I’ll agree,” exclaimed Theo…

Alaramia opened the door.

“How did you do that?” asked Lilyanna.

“Oh, I don’t know…” Alaramia giggled.

They all scurried out of the petstore, and saw a brown saddlebred named Machiny. Alaramia thought the dumpster next to Irving Middle School was a teleporter! The three jumped in…

“It’s your fault!” yelled Lilyanna. Just then, Machiny smashed the top of the dumpster off, and just when the truck was picking up the trash… “HIYAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” yelled Machiny. She picked up the whole gang in one swoop!

When the three got in, they danced the night off! They got home and…

“I love you, Theo!”exclaimed Alaramia, “I love you, too!” replied Theo.

Nicky, the nosy mole, was listening!

After the two got married in literally ten minutes, they decided to have four babies who turned out to be little brown dogs…

“Let’s name them hmmm… since it’s April 18, 2015, let’s name the first one Titi. Well, because that was my father’s fake name, and his father’s birthday was April 18, 1939!” said Alaramia, with a little excitement in her voice.

“Okay!” exclaimed Theo. “The second one………. let me think here……….. AHAAAAAAA! Alan, well it’s just a random name I thought of!”

“Okay,” said Alaramia “Maybe, Laff! I love to laugh! But, her name is spelled like ummm… oh, yeah!L-a-f-f.”

“Sounds good!” replied Theo, “and the last one… uuuuuuuuhh! ZOE! Another out of the ordinary!” Theo smiled…

Nicky heard it all, so he’s going to try to mary Lilyanna! And it will all start with a few flowers…

Check back to this website throughout the summer to find out what happens to your favorite PAN characters next!